Bleaving up in …

Bleaving up in shops.   Boomkat gave it a great review!!

“Okay before you get confused, this is Boats, not THE Boats – this Boats is an Oakland electronic producer, and certainly far removed from the pretty minimalism of Northern duo The Boats. Right now that’s sorted we can talk about ‘Bleaving’, which is an imaginative take on the currently vogueing Brainfeeder sound, taking it into G-funk territories usually left for Dam Funk to plumb on his own. Imagine if Teebs and Samiyam got their hands on a bunch of Too $hort instrumentals (classic era, of course) and fired them through a bunch of busted reel-to-reels, adding a few extra layers of analogue synthesis and you’ll have a good idea of what to expect. It’s robust stuff, with the kind of rim-spinning, trunk-bouncing vibe you’d expect from a lad from the Bay Area. Definitely one for the summer – check it!”



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