AstroPoser ep in shops this week!

AstroPoser ep in shops this week!

Coming off of a strong beat release from Clone sublabel Dub and a split ep with Ardbit on Shipwrec, the Nuisance ep sees talented Dutch producer AstroPoser aka Robert van der Heijden switching gears and dipping his sound into RnB tinged juke and bass territories replete with space vibes and attitude suitable for the dance. Remix duty is provided by two rising Bay Area bass producers, each stirring their own sound into the fold, with Benito (Frite Nite + Brap Dem!) baking up a vibed out footwork marinated take on ‘Who You Gonna Be’ and BOATS (Dollops + Brap Dem!) reshaping ‘I Would’ into a gooey future crunk bass mutation.

AstroPoser – Nuisance ep (Dollops Music)

1.Who U Wanna Be
2. I Would
3. My Hurons
4. Best Bad Friends
5. Can’t You
6. Who You Wanna B (Benito remix)
7. I Would (Boats remix)


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